New Harmony New Solutions™

Cold heading tools

Ever since it was founded, the FROHN company has been making essential contributions to the development of tool making. Our experience of over fifty years’ standing is a great boon, particularly in this field of marked manual skills. Here, the manufacture of extrusion dies for solid cold heading is our specialty.

Our products

 We manufacture the following precision tools for cold heading:

  • Shear bushings
  • Punches
  • Engraved punch inserts in carbide and steel
  • Heading dies
  • Cold extrusion dies
  • Reduction dies
  • Forging dies
  • Knurled heading dies
  • Preforming and finishing edgers of many shapes
  • Punching dies
  • Hexagon segment punches
  • Steel tools
  • Sleeves
  • Tool holders

The processed materials

We use the following materials to make:

  • Top quality carbides
  • High speed steels
  • ASP steels
  • Chrome steels
  • Optimised tool reinforcements (hot and cold) based on our experience or your specifications

Tool sizes

Outer diameter: max. 120 mm
Length: max. 180 mm
Bores: 0,4 bis 16 mm