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In 2010 FROHN celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Here an overview of our company’s milestones:


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Strickmaschinen GmbH founded in Altena-Evingsen.

Josef Frohn successor at Strickmaschinen GmbH. Production started on conditioned steel cut wire and cold heading tools.

Cut wire line relocated to and expanded in Hemer-Ihmert. Other product lines remained in Evingsen.

Sole proprietorship renamed JOSEF FROHN OHG. Günter Frohn taken on board as partner.

Product lines again brought together in leased buildings on Nettestraße in Altena.

JOSEF FROHN OHG taken over by sole proprietor Günter Frohn.

Company building purchased on Nettestraße.

International business activities started.

Production halls purchased, enlarging capacity for blasting media.

FROHN GmbH, represented by the managing partners Michael Frohn and Peter Beckmerhagen, took over the business activities of JOSEF FROHN OHG. ISO 9002 certification by LRQA. FROHN North America, Inc. founded.

Range extended to steel shot for the ammunitions industry.

Additional buildings acquired for relocating and expanding steel shot production.

New Corporate Design developed.

EN ISO 9001 certification.

FROHN Brasil Granalhas Industriais Ltda. founded in Pariquera-Açu, SP, Brazil.

EN ISO 9001:2000 and QM/VDA 6.4 certifications.

Product range and trading operations expanded for blasting media, sales team enlarged.

Start of cooperation with the japanese blasting machines Manufacturer Sintokogio, Ltd

Foundation of Sinto Frohn Qingdao, China

Introduction of ISO 9001 also for the production of carbide forming tools

Continuous product expansion in the sectors High performance specialty shot blasting media such as Sphero-Zinc, Spheridural and Spherinox-CR Premium