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FROHN GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high performance specialty shot blasting media and steel shot.

Our “conditioned steel cut wire” is delivered to the aviation and automotive industries and their suppliers all over the world. Developed in the seventies as an effective and efficient shot peening medium, this conditioned steel cut wire is still used today to boost the service life of safety critical components. After diversifying its blasting media line in 2007, FROHN could expand its range with additional high performance specialty shot blasting media for specialised applications. These new developments are delivered to customers in the pressure die casting, forging, and concrete and stone industries. These have opened up new application fields for manufacturers of stainless steel apparatus, diecast aluminium sections, and corrosion resistant coatings on specially prepared surfaces.

The steel shot is an eco friendly alternative for sports and hunting.

Our headquarters in Altena employs sixty of our one hundred personnel worldwide. Following additional production sites in Atlanta (GA) in the USA and Qingdao in China, our company has now evolved into the FROHN Group. In addition, our sales activities are supported by twenty one branches worldwide.