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Spherinox-AC is a CrNi based high performance specialty shot blasting medium. It is atomised under vacuum and is therefore free of oxygen. Blasted surfaces therefore present a particularly high and clean gloss.

Application fields

Blast cleaning, deburring, surface improvement, surface finishing


  • All kinds of aluminium castings
  • Aluminium forgings
  • Stainless steel castings and forgings
  • Zinc pressure die castings
  • Apparatus and welded structures of stainless steel
  • Nonferrous metals
  • Concrete and natural stones


Stainless steel shot, rustproof, spherical

Average chemical analysis:
C: 0,05-0,2%, Cr: 16,0-20,0%
Ni: 7,0-9,0%, Si: 1,8-2,2%
Mn: 0,7-1,2%

Delivered state ≈ 240 HV,
Ready mixture ≈ 500 HV

Bulk density:
≈ 3.8 – 4.6 kg/dm³

Sieve analysis:

Application fields:
Blast cleaning, deburring, surface improvement, surface finishing

All kinds of aluminium castings, aluminium forgings, stainless steel castings and forgings, zinc pressure die castings, apparatus and welded structures of stainless steel, nonferrous metals, concrete and natural stones

500 kg / 1000 kg in 25 kg PE bags on EUR-pallets in cardboard box and shrinkwrap

Our sales engineers will assist you in the use of Spherinox-AC. In addition, you can claim our free services. There are no risks to health when Spherinox-AC is used properly. Spherinox-AC can be recycled.