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Spherinox-CR PREMIUM

In an internal refining process we produce a high value blast media: Spherinox-CR PREMIUM, which raises the special qualities of
Spherinox-CR to a higher level. Maximum lifetime and significant less dust in the blasting process optimize the customized application.

Application fields

Surface finishing, surface improvement, deburring


  • All kinds of aluminium castings
  • Zinc pressure die castings
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Apparatus construction


Average chemical analysis:
C: max. 0,15%, Cr: 11,5-18,0%,
Ni: max. 0,75%, Si: max. 1,0%, Mn: max. 1,5%

Manufacturing standards / applicable specifications:
Following consultation

0,4 mm ~ CR 30      1,0 mm ~ CR 60
0,6 mm ~ CR 40      1,2 mm
0,8 mm ~ CR 50      1,6 mm
Other sizes on request

Grain shape:
cylindrical, rounded

Hardness class new shot / Ready mixture:
approx 300 HV ± 10%

1000 kg in 25 kg PE bags on EUR-pallets in cardboard box and shrinkwrap

Our sales engineers will assist you in the use of Spherinox-CR Premium. In addition, you can claim our free services.

There are no risks to health when Spherinox-CR Premium is used properly. Spherinox-CR can be recycled.